Thursday, June 11, 2009


We have been telling you about the changes coming to CosmicSpores and now you can start seeing these changes across the Webwork. We are adding to our widget collection at Widgetbox and adding them to our CosmicSpores2.0 website, so that you can receive real time feeds from the Doctors posts on twitter as well as recent activity on their Pods. The best part of the widgets is that you can get them for yourself and put them into your website, social network, or wherever to keep up with CosmicSpores. You can find the widgets by following this link:

As well as the widgets, our websites are getting a nice overhaul as well, no more long drawn out descriptions about us, just simple to use labeled links to take you to simple descriptions. We are making our websites more Web 2.0 friendly and giving you a way to integrate yourself into the storyline. CosmicSporesWebwork (or the .net address) is moving and will still provide the same interesting pic links, we are hoping that you will enjoy the new changes and keep coming back to an ever evolving project. If you like what you see on CosmicSpores, then why not donate to the project. We off secure checkout through PayPal and have posted donation buttons on the Pods as well as the websites, prepare for the CosmicSpores invasion, we are taking over social networking for the betterment of humanity. CosmicSpores is out of this world!


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