Friday, November 21, 2008

Cosmic Spores Webwork

Things are getting very exciting at Cosmic Spores. We truly are taking over. In less than a month we have gone from being an idea to #1 in a Google search. We are sure that the growth won't stop here. We are only getting started, there is the main website at and a new website at Be sure to click all of the links, you never know where one might take you. On the webwork, there are social sites, websites, blogs, profiles and so much to do that I don't think you could ever get bored with Cosmic Spores. More stuff is added all the time and the story is only getting started, there is no telling what you might uncover about the Doctors of Cosmic Spores. The widgets and the specialized search box is still in the works, and something should be happening there real soon, we will keep you updated. Make sure you subscribe to this blog to kepp up to date with what is happening on Cosmic Spores. Make sure you add Dr. Vernon Thomas on all of the major social networks that you belong to, and while you are there add the Warp Zone, that is where all the magic happens. Thank you for being apart of the largest social network in the world; OK, maybe not yet, but I guarantee; we will be...

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